Archero Mod Apk [Unlimited Money, Gems, God Mode, One Hit Kill, Speed]


Archero is the terrific shooting packed action game. In the battleground, you have to defeat evils and survive their attacks. With each next level, the evil waves become vigorous. To defeat them all, you may need to unlock more powerful weapons. But you know it well, to upgrade weapons and power, we need coins and gems which are hard to earn. Don’t worry, we are here to provide you what you need.
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To win from monsters in Archero game you must need to unlock new weapons and powers. You may do this all, but there are some obstructions.

So, today we are providing you Archero mod APK 2021. Enjoy all unlocked features with great zeal.

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What is Archero MOD?

The modified versions is regarded as MOD. Similarly, Archero MOD is a reworked version of the original Archero game. In this refitted version. Some highlights of what you will enjoy in Archero mod.

  • Unlocked Skills
  • Unlimited coins for upgrades
  • Unlimited Gems without completing missions
  • Powerful Invisible weapons for free
  • God mod to deal with damage
  • Realistic 2D action in low-end devices
  • Get all world unlocked

The scenario is like you are only Archer in the whole play part, so you have to compete evils till your last arch. Opponents are countless, and you can only win if you can make the right use of obstacles and have a clear mission view.

Guide to Get and install the Archero Mod 

As you already have read the moded featured of this game, and probably now you wish to download it. So, I’m writing some steps here; follow these steps to Get and install Archero Mod successfully.

But if you are already familiar with APKPEER and know how to install our provided apps, then you are free to skip these steps and go straight, download and enjoy your best game.

Step 1:

Get the Game File.

Step 2:

Simply download game file by clicking on “Start Download” button. Fast direct downloading is enabled to save your time.

Step 3:

Now it’s time to install the Archero mod game. Remember, if you are installing for the first time, it may ask you some permissions. Anyway, simply turn on “Allow from this source” and launch your game. Hopefully, installation will complete without any hurdle.

Warning! If your mobile already has an installed version of this game go and delete it. Otherwise this Archero Mod will not work.

How to play Archero Game?

  • Download and install Archero game either in mobile or PC
  • After starting the game, to move to the different rooms, use joystick.
  • Correctly use obstacles to save yourself and to kill enemies.
  • To fire at the same target, always stand still.
  • Don’t move without looking all around.
  • Whenever you kill any enemy, don’t forget to collect coins.
  • Use these coins for upgrades.

What's new

Added Features in New Version

-New Hero Mode Chapter 17

- New Chapter 17: Dragon Lair

-Desert Ghost difficulty reduced; new entrance cost reduced to 50 Gems

-Localizations Optimized

-New Weekly Bonus Rewards: Login to claim everyday!

-Bugs fixed where some players couldn't claim Runes in Hero Patrol

-First Purchase Reward Reset; First Purchase Rewards Upgraded

Features of Archero Mod Apk

Archero Apk Mod Version is packed with cool features to make you a pro in the battle ground.

Here, I have listed some modified features. If you need to get some more features, leave a comment. We will try to provide you.

Immortal Mode

This mode also known as GOD MODE because it gives you immortal life like a God in this Archero game. Do you wish to become immortal? If yes, then this Archero god mode is definitely for you. After using this mod version, you will become perpetual. So, even a hard-evil wave can’t defeat you. High damage feature has also added in this Archero god mode apk, which helps you kill evil enemies in just one shoot.

No doubt this mode gives you God’s power, but personally, I would not like to suggest this mode. The reason is quite simple, it may spoil the original game taste and excitement. Because you will kill your enemies without the fear of losing your own life. I think that would be boring somehow. Yet, you can use it in emergency hours.


Unlimited Money

You can earn money by killing monsters and completing game chapters. This money is required to unlock new talents. To unlock each locked talent, you need to spend 200 coins. The coins are difficult to earn as it takes a lot of time and effort. But Don’t worry we’re here to help you!

In this Archero Mod , we have added a feature of getting real unlimited money to solve all your problems. Now, by using this mod feature, you can unlock all 9 locked talents with no worries.

 New Unlocked Weapons

In Archero game, with each level up an angle comes to ask our dreamy wish. We can either wish to level up our health or weapons damage power. But with this Archero mod version, you will also win the “invisible guns unlocked” feature.

So, now you are able to shoot more than one arrow, which might cause severe damage to monsters. Don’t be disappointed if you can’t see these weapons as they are hidden, but you can clearly observe the difference in weapons after 5th level. People reviewed they are able to kill main monster in less than 12 seconds, just by using this Archero mod apk feature.

New Monsters

In Archero game, each level comes up with new monsters; each of them has unique powers. If you want to be the hero of the kingdom, you must defeat all of them. Each monster will try to destroy you with different power talents; they will throw weapons on you or damage you by touching the character.

All you need is to fight attentively. You can use obstacles to keep secured or simply upgrade your weapons. Don’t forget to have a close look at all sides because monsters can come from any side. Archero Mod provides you a lot of extra powers to defeat these monsters.

Some More Mod Features at a Glance

  • All Characters Unlocked
  • Speed Multiplier
  • One Hit Kill
  • Fire Attack
  • Full Controls grip
  • Thousands of maps unlocked
  • Skills empowerment when required
  • Unique strategy plan for each level to win


What is the best weapon in Archero?                    

If you love to make fast attacks, then the saw blade will be your favorite. But, if you like to impart massive damage to enemies, try to use death scythe.

Can we play the Archero game offline?

The Archero is an action game full of adventures. Surely, you can play it offline. How to download, install, and play; all the guides are given above in the article.

Is Archero a multiplayer game?

New update released this year, Archero comes up with a Co-Op mode labeled "Hero Duo", now you can play and enjoy it with your friend. This update is made after a lot of requests from players.

Can I tranfer Archero account?

Don’t forget to enter Archero with a Game Center or Play Games account. So, you can transfer all saves to other devices by play game account or game center. But there are some conditions; you can only transfer save data from android to android and iOS to iOS.

Can I play the Archero game on PC?

Yes, you can play on PC by using the NoxPlayer, an emulator. In short, Archero is the best action game for everyone.


Archero Mod APK provides unlimited money, God mode, advanced weapons, and new monsters killing forces. If you need any further feature, contact and inform us. Happy Gaming!



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