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Go the extra mile, as crafting table is one of the most used things in the Minecraft game. Your survival and designing efforts highly depend on the crafting table.

The things in your inventory can be used to craft whatever fits on a four-box grid. You can build a crafting table on the desktop, pocket, and console editions. There is another edition of Minecraft “Bedrock Edition” mainly a version of console or desktop platform, follow the steps of pocket edition.

Tutorial to Make a Crafting Table in Minecraft

In this tutorial, you will learn crafting table formation in steps with attached screenshots and detailed explanation.

As you know that crafting table is also known as a workbench, used in building more complex items.

In the start, you will get 2×2 small crafting grid that permits you to generate simple stuff.

No doubt, 2×2 crafting grid is enough to proceed at the early stage. But after some steps, you will find that this is not enough to craft complicated things like weapons and tools.

Crafting table for minecraft

The crafting table is the need of the hour while crafting and upgrading the crafting area. So, the inventory screen will no longer display the 2×2 crafting grid instead shows 3×3 preparing grid. The crafting table offers you a 3×3 crafting grid, which is shown in the above picture.

Building Crafting Table on Desktop

You may need to follow steps to build a crafting table.

1: Collect Woody items

In the crafting menu, you will see the 2×2 crafting grid area. So, to build a crafting table, you need to place wood planks.

To get these wooden planks, you must look for trees. The required four wooden planks can be crafted from one wooden block. Finding a tree in Minecraft is just a piece of cake as they are all around in the area.

Crafting table for minecraft

To get a block from a tree, left-click and hold the block until it gets separated, then pick up the block by walking over it.

In the start, you can get wood from a tree by just punching it as described above. Ahhh! It’s a slow process, but no worries we’ll speed it up in the future by creating an axe. For now, punch the tree to gather wood for planks.

2: Open up inventory and add planks to the crafting section

To open inventory, press “E”. Now click the wooden block to enter in your mouse pointer, allows you to move the block in inventory.

Click any of the four squares in the crafting area to add your wooden block to it. Repeat the same process to add all four blocks.

Crafting table for minecraft

After filling the crafting area by just doing right-click on each of the four squares in an ordered manner, a crafting table will appear in the right-side box.

3: Move your crafting table to the inventory

After building a crafting table, transfer it to inventory. To do so, you need to follow three simple steps:

  • Open inventory by pressing “E”. Remember if you changed the keys, press that particular key.
  • Select the crafting table which you are aimed to move.
  • Right-click a space in inventory to place the selected crafting table, and soon you will see your desired crafting table in the inventory.

Minecraft Crafting table

4: Use the crafting table in the crafting

As till now, we have placed the crafting table at the bottom of the inventory. To use this crafting table, right-click on it and put it anywhere on the ground. To use this placed crafting table, move near to it, right-click on it and place it where you want.

Crafting table for minecraft


How to make a crafting table for Minecraft Pocket Edition 

1: Collect and save Wooden Blocks

  • To collect wooden blocks, you first need to find a tree which is very easy to find in Minecraft. To detach a wooden piece from tree, tap and hold the tree trunk until it breaks. Then finally walk over the block to pick it up.
  • Tap three dots in the lower right corner of the screen to open the inventory. But remember, if you are using Bedrock Edition on devices other than mobile, use the button/key which would usually use, i.e., E.

Minecraft Crafting table

2: Add wood planks to crafting section

You need to follow simple given steps to add wooden blocks to the crafting area.

  • Firstly, tap the item tab, which is a bed-shaped icon on the left side of the window.
  • In the main item window, tap the crafting table option.
  • Now right click on wooden blocks to pick them up and click on each crafting section to place these blocks to make a crafting table.

Minecraft Crafting table

3: Move the crafting table to inventory and use it

Crafting table can be seen right below the crafting section. Select it, and it will automatically enter in your inventory list.

Now if you want to use this crafting table, select it in the equipment bar and then tap on the ground where you want to put. If then you want to build something using this crafting table, move near to it, right-click on it and place it where needed.

Minecraft Crafting table

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