How to Play Minecraft – Beginner’s Guide

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How to play minecraft

Welcome! Minecraft is an open world video game which allows the player to mine, dig, craft, and build things. People are calling it “Sandbox Game” as the player is free to create their own worlds with endless possibilities. Minecraft is considered one of rare games which allow players to completely control their fate. Surprise is here! Minecraft has a section where players who are experts in coding can build their own codes and modes to bring their favorite changes.

What to do in Minecraft?

Minecraft is about collecting, placing blocks and having adventures. Ahead of the curve, the player gains survival experience to stay alive in his own fantastic world. You are free to build almost anything you can imagine to do in real life.

For the beginners this game is not so easy to understand and play. So, we have come up with Minecraft gameplay guide and some useful tips to get protective life. Listen! We are here to make you miner expert in a short time.

You have below options to start your game with. I’d recommend you to start with Starting Out and Survival/Crafting Tips. It’s your turn to choose how you want to play.

  • Starting out and survival tips.
  • I want to build stuff.
  • I want to craft stuff.
  • I want to fight monsters.
  • I want to explore my world.

Let’s Start

Call it a day, you have finished downloading and installing Minecraft. You need to purchase this game from playstore. But you can download it for free from here. After successful installation, download launcher from Minecraft homepage, which also allows you to play from browser. Now it’s time to start game, login, navigate the main menu and finally choose your game type.

How to play minecraft

Signing up for your Account

The very first step is to sign up for an account. You need to create an account by providing a valid email address, verify email and select a password.

Login to the main menu

The launcher opens the new scree. Login with your details to get access to main menu. Now it’s your turn to choose how will you proceed the game.


If you select singleplayer option, you will be the only player in the game. Call it a day, rest of this article will be about singleplayer mode.


Minecraft allows you to add more players to your game screen by inviting and joining other players online.

Text Language

You are free to change the language in the Minecraft by clicking on the small icon near the options button. Around the globe you can select any language which suits you. This language will appear in the text information displayed during Minecraft gameplay.

Quit Game

In the attached screenshot, you can see the option of quit game. I think it’s very common to understand!

Starting the game in singleplayer mode

How to play minecraft

Worlds link to your profile

Here you will find the already created worlds. But if you are playing it for the first time, this list will be empty.

Create new world to start game

As a newbie, you must have to create new world by clicking on the given option. Click on “Create new world” and choose your world name and game mood type.


After successful creation of new world, the game will automatically generate the world and place your character in it.

Select Game Mode in Minecraft

Minecraft comes with a variety of game modes that allows you to create your world in a unique way. Following types of Minecraft modes are available.

Survival: The default game mode is survival. To bring out adventures in the new world, players need to survive gathering sufficient material, building protective shelters, absorbing experience, and beating aggressive mobs.

Creative: The creative mode allows the player to create unique worlds. Players are free to access almost all items and blocks and make the players immune to death and able to fly. So, if you are a newbie, go for this mode and enjoy your first experience.

Spectator: In this mode, the player remains invisible to surroundings and unable to interact with inventory, blocks or entities. If you desire to observe the other players’ created worlds, go for this mode.

Hardcore: It’s quite similar to survival mode. Hardcore sets the hard difficulty level permanently and once you die the map is deleted and player cannot recur (means you become a spectator).How to play minecraft

Adventure: This mode allows the player to interact with objects like buttons, levers and mobs to arrant an adventure.

Your First Day in Minecraft

When you step in to the world of Minecraft, you will see the view like given below but at your screen view might be changed. Each Minecraft world loaded from different source has unique generation. However, if the game pushed you in a forest, on a mountain top or beach, you can walk through map guiding and by using keyboard shortcuts.

How to play minecraft


Learn Minecraft Lingo

When the game drops you onto the map, you will first thing is initial point known as Minecraft Lingo, instruct you to press “E” key to open up your inventory. If you are in creative mode, you will see the following inventory comprising creative stuffs but if you are in survival mode, you will see what you have collected in the inventory list.

How to play minecraft

Let’s understand this inventory table!

The tabs around the inventory make is easy to understand and get the objects which you want.

  • The tab with sword icon shows the weapons.
  • The tab with little rail icon shows the transportation tools.
  • The gray band at the screen bottom is quick access toolbar. You can place 9 of your most used items here

How to Fly in Minecraft

If you want to fly, enable the fly mode by double tapping the spacebar. You can fly up to have a keen look on your new creations. Fly around for a while and observe your creations from all angles.

Play Minecraft with the help of Short Keys and Moves

As we are learning how to play minecraft, so let me show you some keyboard and mouse commands to make your gameplay easy and quick.

Mouse MovementUsed for looking around and turning
Mouse Left-ClickAttach monsters, Destroy blocks
Mouse Right-ClickUse items, place blocks
Mouse Scroll wheelIn quick access bar, switches between objects
ASweep Left
DSweep right
SMove Backward, Double tap S to scoot backward
WMove forward, Double tap W to speed up
QDrop item which you need
ETo open up inventory
F1Used for screen view
F2To take screenshot
F3View information screen
F5To switch camera angles
F11Game view b/w windows & full screen mode
1-9 Numeric keysAssociated with first 9  slots in the quick access bar
Left ShiftReduces altitude in fly mode, dismount mountable beings, creep mode
SpacebarJump, Double tap to begin fly mode

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