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The Music Rhythm game, Cytus 2, is created by Rayark games, which tells us about our future world. For this best kind of sequel, all you need is fast fingers because Cytus 2 starts challenging and gets more demanding.
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What is Cytus 2 Game?

From the opening song to all the chapters, Cytus 2 is a masterpiece. Adroit artists initially compose the music produced in Cytus 2.

In the distant future, robots are taking charge of the world. As new emotions take part in the human mind, old memories fade away. To prevent memories from blench, robots are now converting the emotions to music and accumulating them in a place called Cytus.

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A Complete Guide About How to play Cytus 2

Cytus II game  is easy to play. But there are some important points to consider before you give it a go.

  • Role of Active Scan Line

The whole gameplay of Cytus 2 lies on the Active Scan Line, which moves up and down across the play screen. On this scan line player, tap on circular objects, known explicitly as Notes. As the Active Scan Line passes over, try to tap notes quickly to produce deep music. Understand each type of note which we discussed in the game features and apply every note specifically.

  • Timed Finger Action

The main idea of Cytus 2 gameplay is to tap on circles in time with music play. It would be best if you move your fingers quickly, and you can also produce a combo by tapping different circles instantly. As you unlock more songs, game mechanics might get bitter complicated. All you need to do is increase your finger movements with each new level.

  • Differentiate Notes by colors

Below are the color tricks to click notes in the rising and falling line in Cytus 2.

  • The notes which you need to tap in the falling line are colored green and yellow.
  • The notes you need to hit in the rising line are colored purple and blue.
  • Unlock New Characters

Although you are provided with playable characters at the start of the game, if you need more, you can get new characters in the Black Market. Cytus 2 has 20 playable characters, including 7 free characters, 11DLC characters, and 1 limited-time DLC character.

  • Increase Character’s level

In Cytus 2, you can level up any character by successfully playing their songs. Each new level unlocks a new piece of the puzzle.

  • Visit iM

In Cytus 2, while playing between tracks, the player can visit iM, a virtual message board that slowly unfolds the game story. On this board, fans and fellows discuss their favorite artists and many more. If the player unlocks a new track in the game, it instantly pops up in iM, where virtual fans are already debating the music merits.

  • Monitor notes and speed

You can create a new note and optimize the speed of the judgment line. To get the new note, slide note and long-press the note. Speed dynamics can be monitored while playing a song from slowing to speeding or vice versa with the help of an added difficulty mode called “Chaos.” Another added difficulty is a glitch, about which I’ll guide you later in this article. Hitting the note will increase your score.

  • Don’t forget to save your speed

In the Cytus 2, you can save your progress by syncing it with the Google account. The benefit of doing this, you can access your game from where you left on any device.

  • Earn good scores

Each note has a specific rating level, which might be perfect, good, bad, or miss. If you hit consecutive notes with different ratings, the score will be the combination of both. For insane: if you tap good and perfect note consecutively, the score boost will increase as the combination rises.

  • Rate your points as grade

In Cytus 2, you get scores out of 1,000,000, and a minimum of 70,000 must be cleared. You will receive the following grades according to your score.

  • Fail: If a song isn’t clear.
  • Grade C: If you gain 700,000 points.
  • Grade B: If you obtain 800,000 points.
  • Grade A: If you come up with 900,000 points.
  • Grade S: If you secure 900,000 points.
  • Million Master: If you are topper with 1,00,000 points.
  • Rate your success as the percentage

In Cytus 2, a secondary securing system also exists, known as TP (Technical Points). It brings a new strict ratting called “Rainbow perfect”, on the disappearing note shown as the rainbow outline. Moreover, TP depends only on note accuracy/rating and is specified as a percentage.

What's new

Exclusive Features of Cytus 2

Cytus II new version has came with exciting features. Some of them are discussed here.

Different Notes

Cytus 2 has the following different kinds of notes:

Click Note: It’s a single circular note which acquires fast object tapping in time.

  • Hold Note: It has a broad ribbon meter, demanding to hold the note until the meter is filled.
  • Drag Note: It’s a continual track of notes; it needs to drag along the track.

4-Difficulty Levels

Cytus 2 comes with 4 different difficulty levels: Easy, Hard, Chaos, and Glitch; the last 2 are newly introduced. Additionally, 1135 new novel charts are launched in the latest update. The rich content array also suits different players with learned skills, which allows them to enjoy the game's excitement.

Ahead of the curve, Chaos and glitch, despite their difficulties, bring new game mechanics.

  • Chaos: Infrequent multi-finger gameplay, Click-drag notes, and Flick notes.
  • Glitch: More frequent multi-finger gameplay, dense hard-to-recognize patterns, and Teleporting scanline.

Virtual Social Network

In Cytus 2, you will find a social network. Every successful level of the game will come up with the character’s experience points. With each next level, a post will pop up on the social network. All of these posts show the personality of each character. For insane: Paff got only a few quotes while Neko has many posts.

Variety of music

In Cytus II, each character has a specific genre and music specialty – from classic, rock, pop, to digital and instrumental. In the new update, it currently has 370 high-quality songs down from various artists.

Unique charts

The Cytus 2 comes with 800 different charts designed from easy to hard. Ahead of the curve, rich game content match up to other level players need. These charts are enough to keep players excited, motivated, and happy.

Exciting storylines

Each character in Cytus II has its own storyline; they might intertwine at a point.

Multiple Characters

At the start of Cytus II, you are provided with four playable characters and as the game progresses additional three characters can be unlocked.

New Song packs

In Cytus II, to add new songs to a particular character, you need to visit the black market.

Diverse Puzzles

The character level in Cytus II can be increased by playing their songs, and each new level brings a novel piece of the puzzle.

100% offline

The Cytus II game is available for offline play. But if you haven’t played it for a long time, you may need an internet connection.

Progress keeper

By syncing the Cytus II with your Google account, you can save your progress and pick it where you left on any device.

Emotions Storing

The Cytus 2 stores your memories and emotions in the form of music. The robots can use these songs to experience your emotions and dream that exit your soul.

No need to buy additional stuff

Although some paid things you can buy to increase the charm, I assure you there is enough available for free. Probably, you will enjoy the game with what it comes.


How can I reach a good ending in Cytus 2?

If you are playing Easy, Hard and Chaos level, you can achieve a good ending by responding well to Paff and killing Vanessa. Right after the ending cutscene passes, try to open the iM post of Paff, “Here I’m.”

How to unlock glitch songs in Cytus 2?

To unlock glitch songs, click on the glitch and difficulty ‘on’ button at a time. But this trick sometimes works after a single try, so that you might try it more than once. If it starts ‘ring’ with the “glitched locked,” it means the trick is working fine. But if you start ‘ring’ but with “unlocks chaos” status, it means the trick is not working fine; try it more times.

Is Cytus 2 paid?

Cytus 2 is paid on the play store, but you can enjoy it for free by downloading and installing APK and OBB files.

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