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Genshin Impact is free to play role-playing action game. Breeze into Teyvat, an infinite world filled with life and active with elemental energy. You will frankly explore the open world in which you will build a player’s team and league with other players.
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Genshin Impact at a Glance

Genshin Impact is a famous action – RPG developed by miHOYO. This game marks an action-based battle and a fantasy open-world environment system by utilizing elemental magic. You are free to switch characters. To obtain new characters, weapons the game uses gacha game monetization.

Genshin Impact comes with a multiplayer mode allowing different players to play together. The game come about the mythical Teyvat world, a centre to seven different nations. An associated god governs all the seven nations.

The game story is about twins, famous as Traveler, who goes for a world tour and get separated from the twin in Teyvat by an unknown god. When you awake from sleep, the whole world for you has changed, your sibling has lost, and your all powers are sealed. Paimon, a companion comes and join them to find the lost sibling, and get entangled in the world’s affairs.

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Which Awards the Genshin Impact won?

The Genshin Impact has won the following awards.

  • Tokyo Game Show media awards 2020 public poll.
  • The Game Award 2020, the Best RPG and Best Mobile Game Award.
  • Golden Joystick Award – for the ultimate game of the year
  • Choice Awards 2020 – User’s Choice Game at the Google Play

What sort of game is Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is one of the games mobile game originates in history. It composed of seven major nations, takes place in Teyvat. Except for these nations, there is a mysterious kind of floating island named Celestia, apparently centre to mortals and gods who have raised to godhood via heroic, incredible feats.

Each nation is associated with one of the seven gods named as Archons; each one is bound to one of the game’s elements. Moreover, the god as Archon may change over a specific time as the Archons pass away.

Archons choose some individuals as their favourite and grant them magical stones as a vision that offer their bearer to command an element, covert to arise to godhood and reside Celestia.

From the seven cities, Mondstadt, the city famous for freedom, praises the “Anemo Archon” which settle at the middle of the lake on the island. The knights of Favonius protects this city, who are ordered to preserve Mondstadt and its citizens. The southwest city, Liyue, praises the Geo Archon who rules over the immense market harbor in Teyvat. The Cryo Archon rules over Snezhnaya, deliver diplomats, maintain a friendly appearance.

Who are you in the Genshin Impact?

You can choose one character, Aether or Lumine – Boy or the girl respectively, twin siblings who travel all around the universe. When you aim to leave Tayvat during the crisis, but all your powers and sibling lost somewhere. You ultimately encounter a fellow who will assist you in searching for the lost sibling.

Genshin Impact apk

You know you are playing the open-world game, so you acquire to keep your eyes on to hit up treasures like food sources, chests, and equipment. As the story advances, you become able to play with other players by encountering quests or getting them in the gacha system. Every character who play in the game has its unique powers. Moving together, you will be able to conquer quests to get into the more advanced goals of the world.

How to play Genshin Impact Game?

Genshin Impact is famous as an “action role-playing game”.

Switch Between Characters

You can quickly switch between different characters, even during serious combat. Different characters have different skills and abilities to attack in the Genshin Impact.

Boost Character’s Skills

You can increase the strength of characters by a couple of ways

  • Update weapons and artefacts that a character uses.
  • Jump to the next character’s level.

Encounter Rewards

As a player, you can pass on different challenges to obtain more awards. With the completion of each more significant challenge, you are about to collect a bigger award.

Increase Adventure Rank

In Genshin Impact APK, you can increase your adventure rank by completing advanced challenges. Exciting challenges are scattered around Teyvay, which tend to reward precious resources. To claim these rewards, you need a currency called resin. From where you get this resin? This currency regenerates over time.

Unlock new challenges and quests

In Genshin Impact, the increase in adventure rank due to completion of challenges tend to raise the world level, and at this stage, you can unlock new challenges and quests.

Measure your Enemies Power

If you want to measure the power of your enemies, look at the world level, which is the direct criteria of how strong your opponent is in the world. So, you can also conclude the rareness of awards which you will get after defeating your enemies.

Utilize different character’s powers

In the Genshin Impact, the player can control different characters such a climbing, running, gliding and swimming, but each has limited stamina. Some characters have unique powers, that can change the whole environment like you can freeze the water to bring a new path which can assist you traversing terrain.

Increase Players Stamina

As we discussed above that every player has limited stamina, but you can increase it by following ways:

  • Statues famed as ‘Statues of the Seven’ can revive and heal characters and proffer advantages such as increasing players stamina.
  • The player can wrap to teleportation nodes exist in the whole world, helps to increase the player stamina.
  • Items like ore and food might be acquired through the whole world to increase strength.
  • Ultimately, Treasure chests and enemies descent some assets that you can use to increase the strength of any character.

Create New Weapons

In Genshin Impact, you can create new weapons or enhance the strength of existing weapons by using refined ores. You can obtain ores by stacking and destroying mining nodes.

Use of Unique Combat Skills

In Genshin Impact, every character come up with two different combat skills: an elemental burst and an elemental skill.

  • The elemental burst acquires an energy cost. The player requires to pile enough elemental energy by imposing elemental statuses or crushing enemies.
  • The elemental skill is functional at every time during the lockdown period after use.

Freeze your enemy

In the Genshin Impact, characters have command on one of the seven naturally occurring elements: nature, fire, air, ice, water, earth and electricity. These natural elements may interact in various manners; for insane, if a target hits by the hydro attack, the targeted opponent will be imposed as the “Wet” status, and if hit by Cryo attack, it will be assessed as cold. The two statuses add up to form frozen status, which for the time being prevent the target from doing any action. So, during the frozen period, the player can impart enough physical damage to the enemy.

Players matchings to enjoy multiplayer mode

As we know in the Genshin Impact, multiplayer mode permit to play four players at a time by joining domains. Requesting to connect with other player leads to players matching to enjoy multiplayer mode. Moreover, If the player wants to leave the chosen domain, it will automatically be matched with the other player looking for the same objective.

Unlock Additional Playable characters

The Genshin Impact APK allows you to unlock three additional playable characters. If you need more character, you can obtain it via gacha mechanic.

What's new

Catchy features of Genshin Impact that makes it a perfect Game

We are here with some of the marks added to the latest version of Genshin Impact APK. Have a look before enjoying your game, will surely enhance you usability.

Multiplayer Mode

The Genshin Impact APK offer multiplayer mode in the form of co-op. Due to this mode, up to 4 players can play together and can join domains. This multiplayer game feature is attracting more audience over time. Happy to tell you that you can choose your favorite character either male or male before you play!

genshin impact apk

Cross-Platform play

The Genshin impact allows cross-platform play function. So, different players landing on any platform can play with each other.

Interchangeable Characters

The Genshin Impact permit the player to interchange character by switching between different character. As each character has its own power, so you can enjoy different powers at different times.

Improves Weapons with each character level up

With each improved character’s level, you will get more unlocked weapons features that a character equips.

Adventure Rank

In Genshin Impact, completing powerful challenges tend to increase adventure rank, which allows you to unlock more quests and challenges and in turn will raise the world level of player.


The player will get plenty of awards on challenges completion. With each advance challenge, the value of rewards will be increased.

Measure your enemies before targeting

This unique feature of Genshin Impact makes this game matchless. The player can measure the power of enemies by their world level. More the world level, more-strong your enemy is.

Control over characters

The player can control characters. So, the player can perform a variety of actions like climbing, swimming, running, and gliding.

Unique powers

Some characters in the Genshin Impact APK have some unique powers. They can manipulate the existing environment realizing as freezing the water to create a unique path to pass through unusual ways.

Statues of the Seven

The statues of the seven are unique to this game, helps to revive or heal any character and offers the benefit of increasing players stamina.


The player can get food by hunting animals, gathering wild vegetables and fruits. Some ingredients can be cooked to form dishes. The meals improve the character’s health and other statistics.


In the Genshin Impact, ore can be obtained by mining the nodes. These ores might be used to increase the strength of existing or create new weapons.

Unique Skills

Each character in the Genshin Impact has unique skills; elemental burst an elemental skill; the player is free to use the elemental skill at any time while for elemental burst works on energy cost demanding the user to pile up enough energy to defeat animals.

Elemental combat system

In Genshin Impact, the characters have control upon one of the seven naturally existing elements: Water, fire, ice, nature, air, earth and electricity. These natural elements can interact with each other to generate a new novel role.

Playable characters

The player can unlock more available playable characters, and more advanced characters by using gacha mechanic.


What’s the uniqueness of Genshin Impact?

The elemental combat system is probably the most gratifying standpoint of Genshin Impact. It allows us to put real a bundle of strategies to tackle any situation. If you are fighting some enemies in the rain, you can freeze them by using hydro and cyro features simultaneously.

Why is Genshin impact so popular?

Most of the players think that the success of Genshin Impact is because of the gacha style gameplay. Some other features are multiplayer mode, elemental combat system, adventure rank, food and ore collection etc.

Who should I pick in Genshin impact?

The choice ultimately depends on whether you want to play as a boy or a girl. Social media survey and reviews of people show that most of the people love to play as “Lumine” a female character, while some people love to play as “Aether” a male character. So, finally, the choice is yours what you want to be in the game.


Genshin Impact APK is one of the most demanded game on internet over the year. As it has won many awards due to excellent graphics, novel features and good users experience. This app is free to download and update. Don't forget to share your reviews with us or contact us if you need any help!



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