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Chinatown wars is one of the GTA series game. This adventures game comes up with a lot new functions; tons of exciting missions, rotatable camera, HD graphics, Improved weapons, drug business, and many more.
Rockstar Games
5.0 or above

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Grand theft auto Chinatown wars is an adventure-action video game, developed by a well-known developer Rockstar Leeds. The story is about a young Triad member “Huang Lee” who left for dead in the Liberty City (New York City). Unknown assailants steal a family heirloom, a sword gifted by his late father. After looting, they left him unbacked at an unfamiliar place. Huang decided not to go down in flame, emplanes on a journey to take revenge from thefts and to find stolen sword and heirloom. To accomplish his mission, he involved in a power struggle among Triads of Liberty city and eventually disclosed the truth behind his father’s murder.

The game was inherently designed for players to fulfil considerable interactions with gaming objects on the smartphone and DS systems utilizing their touch screen controls. It also offers gameplay’s unique features which are unavailable in Grand Theft Auto series.


  • Highly customize and updated touchscreen commands.
  • Elevated graphics, explosion and lighting effect.
  • High resolution for wide-screen.
  • Reconcilable with Android Bluetooth & USB controls.
  • Epic Storyline.
  • Dozens of side missions.
  • Compelling mini-games.
  • Hidden valuables.

Supported language

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Japanese

Why to Get Chinatown wars here?

No need to spend Money

GTA Chinatown wars apk

As you can see in the screenshot, the GTA Chinatown wars is paid. You need to pay some money to download the game, but many of us don’t want to spend money on buying games. So, as an alternative, we are here to provide you with this game free of cost.

All Versions available

Ahead of the curve, we have all the versions of this game. Some people love to play old versions not only because they love their features but also to compare new and old version’s features.

How to Get and install GTA Chinatown Wars ?

There is no special trick is required to download this game, you can follow the given steps.


Go to the download link provided by APKPEER.COM, and eventually a direct download will starts.



After successful download, click on the downloaded file to commence installation. Ahead of the curve, you will see that the provided GTA Chinatown Wars  will be declared safe to proceed further.

GTA Chinatown wars apk download


After security verifications, click on install and within seconds installation will be completed. Sit back and enjoy Chinatown wars.

GTA Chinatown wars apk downloads



How many GB is GTA Chinatown Wars?

The download size of GTA Chinatown wars is 19 MB.

Can I download Chinatown wars on PC?

Yes, you can play this game on PC.

Can I change language in GTA Chinatown wars?

Yes, this games permit you to play in different languages, list of languages has discussed in the above article. You can easily change the language in the settings.


Surprisingly, the GTA Chinatown wars APK is one of the best game available these days. This game is original and free to use. Moreover, it’s a great place to get all the versions of this game, which you can’t find on google play store. We’ll continue to update you about the latest versions. Keep in touch with us and enjoy exciting games, apps and tools.



What's new

Added marks in GTA Chinatown

As we know that GTA is one of the top played games, a lot of its series are present in the market. The GTA Chinatown has taken a special place due to unique features, which are loved by players. Now, GTA lovers are moving toward this series. A glimpse of some unique features in under:

Rotatable Camera:

The previous games in the series have an online view behind the top-down perspective. Ahead of the curve, Chinatown wars uses rotatable camera direction down focused at the action. This feature helps to get a clear 3D view from the top.

 cel-shaded polygons 

Chinatown war brings into play “Cel-shaded polygons”, the comic book-like aesthetic is produced by back outlines. This flattening of 3D graphics has introduced in this game only, proffers clear view.

Disable police cars

In the previous series, you were allowed to disable only limited numbers of police cars. So, to leave the wanted area was the only choice. But in the Chinatown wars, you can disable as many police cars as you want as in the GTA IV.

Buy Drugs

To beef it up, an option of drug dealing has added to allow the player to buy and sell drugs to make money. A drug-dealing sub-inspector is also there to which allows players to vend acid, heroin, cocaine, and marijuana.

Steal parked cars

Like some previous series, Chinatown wars also allows you to steal moving cars, but it also allows stealing of parked cars.

Tons of exciting missions

GTA Chinatown wars has a ton of missions, which you have to complete in order. You can’t skip any mission, but with every next mission, you will get the award on mission completion which you can utilize to buy many exciting things in the game.

Many languages

The latest version of GTA Chinatown permitted to play the game in different languages. The list of convertible languages has already discussed in the start.


GTA Chinatown wars uphold the “MoGa wireless” game controller. Anyhow, it shows compatibility with USB and Bluetooth supported.


Download links

Download Link

How to install GTA Chinatown Wars APK APK?

1. Tap the downloaded GTA Chinatown Wars APK APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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