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Hitman Sniper is the best shooting game. Step into the world of Assassination and practice the competitive life of an assassin as you acquire to complete targets around the globe by adopting unlimited creative strategies. Tactical two diverse mission’s types keep the player excited.
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From the hitman series, the mobile shooting gallery video game “Hitman Sniper”; immensely loved shooting game developed by Square Enix Montreal. The game theme is that the potent discrete figures cumulatively gathered at a lakeside without communicating with the associates. The player assassinates them by looking through first-person sniper scope vision on the touchscreen device.

By getting ideas from the environment, the player searches the modes to kill targets, occasionally induced by secondary objectives. With each new mission, the player can unlock additional powerful weapons and many new weapons also.

A complete guide about what to play and how to play Hitman Sniper

What to play in the game?

Hitman sniper’s gameplay has split into two sections containing two different mission packs. 1st is Montenegro, the primary set of this game, comes up with all the missions, targets, rifles, and upgrades, while the 2nd one is the Game Valley, an expended unlockable three-stage mission set during which you have to protect an anonymous figure named Ben from zombies. Let’s discuss each pack’s properties in detail.


The Hitman sniper forces the new game players to play the first basic sniper set, Montengero, at the start of the game.

It’s basically a one-level pack in which you play and learn to assassinate various NPCs by completing a set of missions. For each targeted killing, you get a score.

The player is free to choose the rifle from the pre-mission armory, while the default rifle is lzanami. The new rifles can be unlocked with each new mission, or the player can purchase it for real money.

Death Valley

Hit the road, the Death Valley offers an extended pack, comprises a three-level system with numerous upgrades, and introduces tokens from the basic money Montenegro uses.

In the scenario, the player protects an anonymous person named Ben while repairing his car, and zombies attack him. The player has to protect Ben at any cost until he can get his car and runs away.

Death Valley makes known a new token system followed by a new upgrading system. When the player completes a given task in the mission that tends to unlock the upgrades for purchase, the player can buy it with tokens earned at the end of each mission.

How to play Hitman Sniper?

What to do initially?

The protagonist of the Hitman series, as Agent 47, you as player aims to assassinate forceful figures who have gathered at the upscale, in the lakefront houses in Montenegro.

Use of sniper scope

This shooting gallery game termed Hitman Sniper is played owing to the first-person vision of a sniper scope in a way that Agent 47 is not exposed to any counterattack. But stop! The player can fail the mission if the targets apprehend the scheme and decamp the premises.

Ways to kill targets

The player investigates alternative methods to kill the targets, such as shooting the glass that directly injures the targets and falls them to death instead of killing them directly.

Ahead of the curve, we can set off alarms to distract guards, turn on fans to knock down enemies, and try to fall target directly to the jacuzzi.

The player can zoom on the touchscreen, and an onscreen reload button commences a sharp time event, which allows the player to reload weapons by swiping the screen.

Missions aims

Missions are framed about killing one of the ten main targets and a secondary object, like sleeked kill within a specific time period, utilizing a special kind of trap or focusing a headshot on a moving target.

Mission completion rewards

As the game advances, the player can unlock new weapons or upgrade existing weapons as rewards by completing several activities: Leaderboard ranking, successful target killing, and any blueprint” collectibles dropped by targets.

Additionally, new abilities include the option to slow down time or to reveal enemies on screen. Moreover, the player can get the in-game currency via micro-transactions to skip game progress or automatically unlock advanced, powerful weapons. The player in Hitman Sniper can sync progress among devices through integration and Facebook.

Mode for left-handed people

Left-handed people don’t worry and download hitman sniper , as there is an option to switch the controls according to need. Start your mission, click on the pause icon in the upper left corner of the game screen, and select left-handed.

How can I keep my Progress in Hitman sniper 

Download Hitman Sniper Apk once and forget the tension of losing data at any stage of the game. We are come up with two ways to save progress in hitman sniper.

Method 1 – Facebook

You will find yourself in the main menu after you have completed the second training task. Moreover, you can enter your Facebook account in the settings menu, find the Facebook option here, and your live account. So, you can backup your game data anytime on any device.

Method 2 – Google Play

You need to sign in to google play before launching the game. Google play account saves your progress in the clouds for the hitman sniper game. You can also access the Google play account in the game, visit the settings, and find the option of google play to enter or modify any information.

How to shoot in the Hitman Sniper?

Hitman Sniper allows shooting enemies by two methods.

Method 1 – The Shoot Button:

You need to enable the shoot button in the Hitman sniper settings. While playing the game, click on the pause and find the shot button by clicking on the red arrows and push it on. When the shot button is enabled while playing, click anywhere on the screen to enter the desired shooting mods. The shoot button can be found in the lower-left corner of the screen.

Method 2 – Without a shot button

To enable the shot in the hitman sniper without the shooting button, you need to turn off the shot button in the game setting. Now, click anywhere on the screen to shot enemies. While looking from the telescope, tap anywhere inside it to perform a shot.

How to turn on or off sound effects in the hitman sniper

If you wish to play the game without any sound effects, you are free to play it without background music. Click on the settings icon in the upper left corner, scroll down to find the audio effects, turn off the sounds effect, and enjoy hitman sniper. You can also do this during contracts/assignments, open the setting menu, and click on the pause icon on the left corner of the screen. All in all, Hitman sniper APK provides every feature which a player can demand.

How to get more game currency in Hitman Sniper ?

In the Hitman sniper, you will get two types of game currency.


You will get tokens in both Death Valley and Montenegro, using the kill reward advantage.

Blood Money

You can earn blood money by completing a mission in Montenegro.

You can purchase both tokens and blood money for real money in the hitman sniper game.

Why there is need to download Hitman Sniper from web?

Hitman Sniper is a paid game on the play store, you need to pay money before installing this game. But don’t worry, you can download Hitman Sniper her for free. We are providing all the paid games without charging money. If you need any, you can visit APKPEER.COM for more details.

Hitman Sniper APK Free

Is it safe to install Hitman Sniper?

After getting this game, you will see that this game contains no security threats. The attached screenshot shows that the game is safe to install.

Hitman Sniper APK download

Click on the install button and eventually game will be installed. Enjoy Hitman Sniper with your friends.

Hitman Sniper APK install

Available Weapons

To beef up every game, weapons play a key role. I’ve mentioned a list of firearms you can use in the hitman sniper . People are always curious about weapons before installing any game, so we are here to ease your installations.

  • Jackal
  • Baroque
  • Furia
  • Izanami
  • Narcissus
  • Aria
  • Brutus
  • Largo
  • Volante
  • Erebus
  • Griffin
    • Aria (Gold)
  • The Merry Maker (Available during holiday event)
  • Exorcist (Available during Halloween event)
  • The Final Argument
  • The Judicator CO-78
  • Longsword II

Frequently Asked Questions

How to open Death Valley mode in the hitman sniper?

To unlock Death Valley mode, complete all the missions in Montenegro. Simply, you need to complete the previous difficulty levels to jump into a new one,

Where can I upgrade my weapons in the Hitman Sniper? 

In the Hitman Sniper, you can see your weapons in the arsenal before going to any mission. You will get some weapons at the advanced level in the world leaderboard and some models at a high rank. As soon as you open any weapon, you will get its parts. After collecting each part, you can choose it in the arsenal.

Can I skip Task in Hitman Sniper?

In this game, you can skip any task after two attempts. If you tried the task twice but remain unable to complete it, simply skip the task. You will get the option “Skip the task” in the Montenegro menu.


Hitman Sniper is one of the most demanded games of the year. The purpose to provide this game guide is to make our users contented. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

What's new

Unique Mission Types:

  • Montenegro: The chief mission of Sniper contains the main targets and many missions.
  • Death Valley: An expanded mission set, comprising a zombie horde mode. 

Why is Hitman Sniper Rocking?

Become the Decisive Assassin

In hitman sniper, step into the shoes of Agent 47 and uncover the most captivating sniper experience on your smartphone.

Tactful Missions in Montenegro

Strop your strategic kill, and plan the next shoot.

Leavings challenge in Death Valley

The player requires to perform no-stop planned actions to kill zombies. To defeat zombies is the actual test of a player’s skills.

16 peerless rifles

Each target destruction able you to collect new weapons details and blueprints to unlock more powerful weapons.

More than 10 Contracts and 150 Unique Missions

A lot of adventure is waiting for you. So, boost up your strategies and play well.

Winning First Place

Collect every reward and points to overtake experienced killers to get top place in the best-hired killer's list.

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