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It’s an action game set up on the frame of an admired epic exclaimed Real Steel. The game story is about events going to happen in the distant future, where robots will take the place of humans. So, it would be best if you controlled metal fighters to achieve success.
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Overview of Real Steel Game

True champion wasn’t born but trained! Real Steel is an underworld fighting game begin in the near future, figuring Hugh Jackman, set up on Dream works movie. In this fight, around 2,000 robots fight in an unrepressed pleated battle extended to death.

The game story is about the events which are expected to happen in the near future. The scenario will be like that there are no cruel sports, and the robots battle has come into action. So, you must have the skills to control metal fighters and try to achieve the highest ranking.

Indeed, the Real Steel game APK features Realistic physics, 3D graphics, and a lot of opportunities to develop your team and champions. Raise your fighting robot in this eventual sports and action-adventure. Champions keep playing until they get it right. So, in real steel, be your champion.

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Story Behind Real Steel Game 

The Real steel game is based on the story that takes place in the near future when the battle between robotic boxers has replaced the fights between human boxers. The strong character “Charlie Jackman” plays as an over-fighter who used to make his living by scrapping robotic boxes. Times changes, one day an 11-year old son boy “MAX” came to Charlie home as his mother was no more in this world.

Desperately, Charlie, who was happy to love alone now was out of options and passing through a hard time to face reality and taking care of Max was a big challenge. Suddenly, Max, who never met him before, saw his biological father, but both had a massive change in their lifestyles. While roaming Max found an old sparring robot box while walking through a junkyard and he was having high hopes that Charlie can undoubtedly train the robot to make it a good boxer.

In the start, Charlie was not much interested in robot till he discovered some unusual characteristics quite similar to him. After successful tuning by Charlie, the robot begins the court and challenge the robot boxing champ. The fate of Charlie and robot was linked together, and now they have a chance to unite their powers to become a champion.

Link of Real Steel game with the hit movie

This game has the same theme as the movie having the same name “Real Steel”, the film comes with a variety of robots each having novel abilities.

Real Steel APK Gameplay

The gameplay of Real Steel is that the player has a personal robot that you have to train. The well-trained robot will be your best helper when the fight begins with dark forces. So, you need to the play game by adopting a few useful thoughts.

  • Raise your Champion

In Real Steel game, you need to build your champion. Produce your peerless identity from 1600+ colossal robotic parts of 35 exclusive robots. You have to choose body parts of your champion like massive torses, iconic heads, powerful legs and hands. According to interest, customize your robots with compelling paints, build exclusive design, and declare your unique name to hit the title of kingmaker of Real Steel Champions.

  • Game Controls

In the Real Steel, the player can control the robot with the joystick and with the help of some on-screen buttons, i.e. special attack and defence attack buttons. The direction button aimed to move around and to perform different attacks based on angles.

  • Execute Furious Attacks

In Real steel game APK, when you encounter one-one combat, unbridle furious attacks by making use of jabs, special moves, punches accompanied by outstanding parts of your favourite heroes Zeus, Atom, NoisyBoy, Midas and a newly introduced superstar called Atom Prime.

  • Defeat New Real Steel Era

In the boxing confines, the battle begins with 1000s of peerless robots and predominate ten stimulating arenas in this excellent sequel. All you need to do while playing Real Steel is to overwhelm the epics of new Real Steel Era.

  • Some Useful Attacks

In the Real Steel besides boxing click, some more useful attacks are here.

  • Batter Attack: It’s quite simple, till the time the boxers first punch each other, you must continuously point it. The robot finds it easy to perform continuous attacks besides timely ones.
  • SP Attack: To hit the hook, click the SP button. All you need to do is press SP instantly right after the first boxing competitor. By using the SP attack, you can split the opponent into pieces.

Try to use both efficiently!

  • Unchain Heroic Moves
    In the real steel game APK, you need to build a winning strategy. During the plan, keep the performance of special attacks, devastating acts, critical hits, finishers and certain upgrades to implement the winning strategy successfully.
  • Come Across with Real Steel Legends

If you want to enjoy the game entirely, retain the agenda of Real Steel Legends: Zeus, Atom, Noisy Boy, Midas, Metro and get high the championship experience.

  • Get Twin Cities Gold

In Real Steel, you can survive in endless bots’ series by beating new bot, each powerful than the last one. Defeating medium tackle, 21st fight will allow you to get Twin Cities Gold.

  • Keep Energy Level Up

In the Real Steel gameplay, energy will be consumed with each performed punch. So, if the energy is low than the shown red part, the robot will not move. It will become sensitive with no defensive power. Therefore, no matter how, but it’s necessary to keep the energy level up.

  • Unlock Next Battle

In Real Steel, you will encounter a series of challenges. In each battle, there are two different challenges: One is a single battle condition, and the other is a general condition. If you want to unlock the next battle, you must need to complete both described conditions.

  • Unlock Six Shooter Gold

In the Real Steel, you can unlock the six-shooter gold after beating the tournament mode.

    In the Real Steel, weekly tournaments bring amazing prizes like powerful unique boxing gloves and new heroic gear to box in.
  • Enjoy Social Existence

Real Steal allows you to fight against your social friends and in return you will get Leaderboard boosting rights.

What's new

Features of Real Steel Game 

Real Steel is a spirited action game plotted on a movie having the same theme. The latest version of this game comes with exciting features in addition to previous ones.

  • The player can train champions.
  • Total of 25 fights in the tournament comprising five unbeatable bosses.
  • You are free to make special moves and jabs.
  • Legends Zeus, Midas, Atom, Noisy boy and superstar Atom Prime are there for exciting moves.
  • Robotic abilities have divided into three parts: Armor, Speed, and Power.
  • More than 30 unique challenges.
  • Unbounded free sparring to hone your skills.
  • Battle by the boxing of robots.
  • 35 Exclusive robots.
  • 1600+ colossal robotic parts.
  • The player can customize self-synthesized robots in term of colour and style.
  • A lot of heroic moves are also available.
  • Six Shooter Gold.
  • SP & Batter attacks to split opponents.
  • Impressive picture and passion of the sound invokes the enthusiasm of the fighting

Some Modified Features

Now you can get with us some new exclusive more demanded features of Real Steel.

Tournament form

Tournament way carry users to the location of other fights. Besides some exciting features, the player can upgrade existing equipment and grab unique character’s energy that will surely enhance the proficiency level and increase the power to fight the battle.

Free Sparring

Free sparring will permit the player to improve action tactics & skills and select an opponent. In this way, you can come in the Real Steel battleground with the head full of skill and hands full of equipment to transfer your proposed strategies to reality.


Is Real Steel Offline?

Yes, Real Steel game is completely offline to play. But, if you want to play in a social circle by inviting virtual friends, then you may need an internet connection.

Which robot wins in Real Steel?

As we discussed in the main article, Max find an old robot named Atom and requests Charlie to train him. Max became a winner and Max & Charlie get close to each other.

What was the secret in Real Steel?

During a screening of the movie in Los Angeles, director Shawn Levy stated that Atom is in real sentient. He considered that if it is exposed that Atom is alive or just a piece of steel, the magic of the script will be lost.


Real Steel Game is free to download and install. Now you don't need to pay money on playstore to purchase this game. Share the link with your friends and let them enjoy with you. Follow us for more amazing offers!

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