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Resident Evil 4 is an arcade android game that leads the player to the arcade creativity. This shooter survival horror video game is also known as Biohazard 4. The main goal in this game is to save the president’s daughter, and when you turn up in an abandoned village, you find a crowd of ZOMBI. So, you have to prudently execute the plan, and mind it if you fall into the hands of zombies, do not get out alive. Consequently, shoot them and cut them. Some zombies can throw axes, so always be judicious!
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The Resident Evil 4 is developed by Capcom. The mobile version of this game makes it available to everyone as androids are most widely used in the world.

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Attributes of Resident Evil 4

  • This is an exciting action-adventure game.
  • Full features for Android platforms.
  • Pragmatic sound
  • Interesting missions
  • Great pellucid graphics
  • Powerful weapons
  • Simple to play
  • Not-rooted
  • Free Download


Minimum 4+ android version is required to install this free app.

Main Characters

In resident evil 4 android, character Leon there for the player and the second character is of a girl named Sheva. The Raccoon city is the hub to play game. As a matter of fact, this game is based on “Resident Evil” movie which is also a great movie.

 Resident Evil 4/Biohazard 4 APK Your Android

It’s basically an action adventurer android game which is developed for pro players. Keeping in view the demand of players we are providing resident evil 4 APK free download link along with OBB data file. Resident evil android was firstly unavailable for android. But now we are providing free download links. We will continue to provide latest Biohazard game versions.

Before downloading any file into your PC or android you must know about file information. Before downloading have a look on it.

Guide to Install Resident Evil 4/Biohazard 4 APK + OBB File on the Android Phone.

Here is the list of steps to follow to successfully download Resident Evil 4/Biohazard 4.

  1. First click on download APK link and wait for few seconds to complete the download.
  2. Secondly, click on OBB download link and wait patiently to process download.
  3. You have to testify and accept the download request.
  4. Now, open the downloaded file on your android and enjoy your game.

This is extremely simple to download and install Resident evil 4 game APK on your smartphone. Consider following the below steps to download Biohazard 4 + OBB Data.

Consider the following points before and while accessing Resident Evil 4/ Biohazard 4 on your Android phone

Some main points are discussed here to obtain error free downloading. Try considering them for smooth download of Biohazard 4.

  • You must have android 4.0 or above version to get this free app. The available storage on your android phone must be at least 600 MB. People blame that the APK file was downloading eventually it gets interrupted which is basically due to less storage available. Sometimes, the download become complete but when come to installation it fails, people think that the APK file is corrupted but the reason behind is that the available space was just enough for downloading and it starts running out upon installation. Whenever, you are installing APK your phone must have extra space than the APK size, if space is not more the APK installation may goes wrong.


  • Try to use latest google chrome browser. It is able to download all the types of files and be it of any type. Although it lacks a native downloader manager like UC Browser, still the basic functionality like pause and play downloads are handled efficiently. The good browser is essential to begin and complete a download, if you lack it you may not proceed. Today’s android users mostly follow cool looking browser not strong and stable, leads to download failure or many other processing errors.


  • You must have fast and stable internet connection on your android phone. A minimum of 140kbps is required to download resident evil 4 APK. If the stable internet connection becomes unstable at some stages, the interruption chance increases. Both seed and stable internet is essential for smooth download.

What's new

The game firstly developed for PCs and consoles has now moved to android, getting more public. Many new features have added in the new version including the option to directly shoot zombies. In the latest version, when you zoom in you will be viewing at the rear of the player (Leon) shoulder which you may call as third-person view. While, zooming with sniper rifle allows you to view as first- person. In the previous versions you were just allowed to shoot up and down.

In addition to more shooting options, the controls and level hardness has improved. You may say that this game is now hard to play because more powerful zombies have added. To feature to attack from far and run faster is available. So, now zombies can attack you from a bit far distance with their poisonous saliva.

Zombies have their special weapons which are unavailable for you. Only they can use it against you. From all sides you will in the situation where every bullet from your rifle could hit the zombie, if you miss any chance or loose bullets, you may not be alive.

Coupled with above, the background sound quality has also improved, it feels more horror and emotional now. Sensitive hearted people shouldn’t play this game. Horror soundtrack sometimes suddenly starts when zombies are coming towards you. Some definitely panic and may have increased heart beat at that stage. Now you have clear overview of resident evil 4 before play. All the explained features are now available in resident evil 4 mobile edition. So, you can now download resident evil 4 APK OBB/ Biozarad 4 APK + OBB.


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