If you are looking the Room apk, one of the best a physical puzzler game, a wrapper in a mystery and wonderful puzzle game ever, its internal side has a very beautiful tactile 3D visuals and world graphics. The appraise for the room apk or application, resist savior, Eurogamer, and twist of a dial and hurrying every sliding panel. This room apk is the collection of many hidden mysteries for everyone’s childhood, one of the perfect encapsulations pleasure of discovery and of the fear.
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Fireproof Games

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Game trailers of the room app

It has the very comfortable and amazing touchscreen option, the room apk’s touchscreen control is really shine and tremendous for a gamer to play the puzzle game. A game which must be played penny arcade. It is not the title this is hidden by touchscreen control as much as possible because as its set for free by them.

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The Room APK

Today we are going to elaborate an exciting game for mind. The name of that game is “The Room APK”. It is a very fabulous puzzle game ever seen on internet. This game has been built to test iq or intelligence level of the person. The players of the game have to find different variety of hidden clues, and then they have to use those clues to open sophisticated secret doors. If you have very high IQ level, or anyone who gets this game would be a time scratching their heads, players have to sort out their own ideas, by Xiao Bian into this Ultimate mysterious room.

This game has graphics of 3D visuals which can rotate to bring the mysterious of mystery puzzle experience, in this game as if the player of the game exposure to a dark room, moreover, to require the player into the cabinet, surrounding by darkness, providing people very mysterious feelings. Additionally, the environmental manufacturing mysteries, the design of the game of the props can describe as the heart, each prop are accurate to the extreme, therefore, the players can clearly get some hindered clues given.

This game design for the operation is very smart, clever, full-screen touch mode that allow its users very easy to control the game, therefore, the game would apply this mode to operate to the extreme, the face of the box, whether to rotate or to zoom are very sensitive touch, and even to apple’s sign gestures. For this puzzle game, precise and flexible subtle operation is very important, and for the full composite of these standards, allowing its players in the detailed reasoning can completely ignore the tension of the operation.

Features of The Room

If we talk about its golden features. There are a lot of features this game has. Let’s read them one by one. I just want to say that this puzzle the room apk is really very difficult. If still you are full confident on your IQ, but after playing this Puzzle Room app, they fortune. The puzzle has made to the extreme Level, it has almost no hint or clue, it completely depends on the users to find clues by himself, and all the ideas or clues have not given directly or shown in the game, but they are hiding in some unpredictable place, and sometimes a puzzle need few clues together at the same time to answer of the puzzle. This kind of sophisticated puzzle set or game, allowing its users in addition a kind of headache which cannot help but full of unconvincing losers momentum, as long as careful to reasoning and find, always find unexpected secrets.

This puzzle game is not built to used to record the user clearance process, however with a ring of mysterious cassette to record, users open the first cabinet, it would be inside a cassette, cassette would be on the next level. The level of the puzzle games with an interlocking ring to present, so that users would not have to change levels unexpected sense, but also allow the whole game to be more closely linked.

This game has almost all the puzzle element which an individual can think of, find the key to, find the missing parts in the game, crosswords, word combinations, guesses, combination of graphs, flipping questions etc., as well as even game items can have riddles. If you cannot find a solution of the puzzle or riddle, then it is very compulsory to use the filter option which has been provided in the game, it has the button on the right side of the room apk screen. It might be able to see by the phenomenon of more essential things, this process does full of challenges. Sometime challenges make you painful and headache, but with the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction to solve the problems, one can think that this is real.

This game has mix emotions of pain and happiness. But still, it is a great game ever. However, while playing this game you must have to be mentally prepared and it has to be insistent and unless you are a genius. You are a bit of scratching your head as long as you persevere and find out the pattern gradually. While playing this game, you will have the experience of pleasure of puzzle from the challenge, if we take the example of myself, I love to pay this Room Apk puzzle game. I would really love to recommend this game to players who love to play puzzling games and basic of puzzles.

When we talk about puzzling game, people recommend The Room Apk. People recommend this app for puzzle game as it is fascinating and mysterious 3D puzzle game. Right now, it is the game of mind and psychology. If you skip this game it means that you are refusing an exciting journey of the puzzle world.

Introduce about The Room

The Room was first released on iOS in 2012, but due to its appeal, Fireproof Games decided to bring it to Android, Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch. After all, it received many awards and became one of the best physics puzzle games.


The Room has a story behind. It tells of a mysterious scientist trying to find out what is in the room of a mysterious house. But he could not find a way out, so he was left in the dark night with despair. The moment you participate in this game, you get the boxes. It contains letters telling discrete stories, including riddles for which you need to find the answers.

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