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True Skate is the world’s most famous mobile skateboarding game. The gameplay is full of addictive fun – using a board, a skate park, and fingers acting in place of feet. Beautiful visuals and authentic touch-based physics are some common attractions of True Skate APK.
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Are you a spirited person who loves street sports? These days, street sports are more loved by lively individuals. You often meet parkour players, inline Skate, BMX freestyle, or skateboarders in large plain areas. Skateboarding habitually brings dynamism so, loved by many. Practicing skateboard is a big task, but now you can do this on True Skate at any time. If you wish to try out skating, let’s join the true skate game.

True Skate is a prevailing game that lets you conquer different skateboarding areas. All you need to do is to stand on the Skate, mount dangerous stunts, push down on the gaming floor, and scatter extra faster. Learn the ropes and get ready for realistic physics and superb graphics that are close to reality.

Fasten your seat belt and devote fun time in peculiar skate parks. As the game progresses, you will be able to unlock new skates, new parks, and novel tricks to perform the exceptions.

True Skate has become the official game of street racing skateboard competition in a worldwide street racing tournament.


True Skate Features at a Glance

Some of the catchy features of True Skate APK are summarized here.

  • Deck wear, ruffle up your deck.
  • Realistic touch-based physics.
  • Global leaderboards.
  • To push hard drag your fingers on the ground.
  • User challenges
  • Smooth Graphics
  • Flick the board tend to react it exactly what you would expect.
  • Slow-motion mode.
  • Replay viewer
  • A stunning skate park to get lost in, including stairs, ledges, half pipe, quarter pipes, and grind rails, plus a bowl.

Why to GetTrue Skate from here?

This app is paid on the play store, but here True Skate free is available.

True Skate APK


How to play True Skate


To perform any operation, you just need to swipe your finger on the screen. For insane, if you want to rotate the skateboard, swipe on any end of the board, and the board pops up, now you can perform any desired action. Moreover, you can execute various moves like the kickflip, jump up or back, and twist the board in the air.

Use of Maps

True Skate comes up with a variety of maps; you are free to choose any. Some of these maps include professional skate parks, Stairs, parks, streets, warehouses, etc. Anyway, I suggest you choose flat terrain maps if you are new to this game. The flat terrain maps don’t contain many obstacles, which suits perfectly for beginners. After practicing flat terrains, move to more challenging terrains.

Become pro

Practice makes a man perfect. After practicing more, you will observe a considerable difference in your skills. As you progress, new skateparks and decks will be waiting for you. True skate masters all the skateboarding skills, and you will feel a considerable difference in your real-life skating too.

Push-off very gently

True Skate game has realistic graphics, so try to play its original skateboard. Turn your finger near upper end slightly and use your other finger to push off gently. As you gain some momentum, try putting your finger into place on the backside of the board.

Increase Speed

Try giving another push when you slow down. Continue practicing, build little push-offs with your feet, and speed up your move. True Skate APK allows.

Try an Ollie Motion

Try doing one ollie in the motion by starting skating at a low to moderate speed the pop up the board when you stan still. This is the fundamental skill to learn in the True Skate.

What's new

Features that make True Skate Best Ever Skating Game

You will enjoy following aspects while playing True Skate APK.

Extensive collection of skateboards

True Skate offers a variety of skates depending on size, color, design, and drawings.


3D quality graphics add taste to the existing features.

Touch-Based Controls

The most pleasing thing about True Skate is that the touch-based controls are imposing. Using touch-based controls is quite tricky and delicate; the finger touch steers the skateboard around the skatepark, which allows you to carry off compelling tricks. Operating one way or another directly influences the deck, and you will swiftly learn how to play the True Skate game. There will be a tutorial at the start; then you are free to explore the different parks.

Genuine Deck Wear

If you ever came across skateboarding, you will know the role of deck size and shape during perfect flying. True Skate APK lets you choose the deck of your need and pick the one that fits your wear.

Free Entrance in Multiple Skate Parks

Different tracks in True Skate keep the player active and excited. True Skate APK allows you to explore different skateparks. If you are bored, unlock the other, try out various tricks, and explore the new world. The first default skatepark is quite large and catchy, but you might get bored of seeing the same roads again and again. So, True Skate permits you to enjoy what you demand.

No Sideways Movement

Sideway movements always disturb the perfect move. But in True Skate APK, there is no sideways movement issue when ending a grind on certain edges and rails.

Dialogue Box

True Skate has a visible, easy to read dialogue box. The dialogue box always helps to understand many parameters, including the skateboard size, grind, and important one your score.

What to unlock more?

In True Skate, you can unlock advanced trend by spending true credits earned by completing missions and executing tricks.

  • Unlimited unique board image.
  • Unlock all missions.
  • Unlimited wheel color varieties.
  • Unlock novel lists
  • Unlimited slow motion.



What is the best way to build up speed in True Skate?

Don’t allow the enticement to swipe the screen at any place near to your board. There is enough space on every side where touch works. So, fix your finger at the edges when boosting up speed. The board direction can be altered very easily.

How can I change the view in the True Skate?

Press the little movie icon on the screen at the top corner, and it will be convenient to get a view of what’s coming up there.


No doubt, True Skate is the most loved skating game. It's paid on the play store, but we are providing almost all paid games for free.  APKPPER.COM always here to help you!

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